I cannot believe that 75 days have gone by since we last met on the 8th January- and what a 75 day it’s been!


There is no way I could have predicted quite how this extraordinary project would have developed. It’s a truly global garden with hearts and flowers being made in Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Auckland and Australia as well as Northern Ireland, Aberdeenshire, Bury St Edmunds Coventry and Birmingham, and of course all three counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire!


The aspect that has really moved me is the way Work Of Heart Garden has become a bereaved to bereaved project with so many hearts being created with a loved one in mind. I feel very privileged that so many people have trusted me with their grief stories, and it seems that by being brave enough to admit to struggling with my grief and mental health, I’ve given others permission to outwardly grieve too.



With the proven benefits of knitting & crocheting for mental health recovery featuring in the press so much at the moment, it makes me even more thankful to Sam my psychologist for suggesting knitting to me. It’s hard to believe that 12 months ago the seed of Work Of Heart hadn’t even been planted, and here we are today a worldwide group of almost 400 knitters coming together to create this extraordinary garden. I don’t allow myself to think too much about the scale of what we have all achieved as it would overwhelm me, but please know that I am super grateful to each and every one of you knitters for working so hard and becoming such good friends of mine. I also need to thank Elise and all the hospice staff for their patience and understanding with everything, Jess Emma & Alex at Silver Ball and Di, Suzy, Steph, Nina and Tessa from RHS Malvern,for all their time and expertise on a project that after all, doesn’t even have one live plant in it!


Finally, heart news!

I have personally opened every single parcel of hearts and have a scrap book full of over 200 messages of support which I will treasure. I cant quite believe the heart total I have for you all but it is…………